Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The End of Summer...

...Always makes me think about summers from previous years, and how good they seem now that so much time has past. It's sort of amazing to think back fondly on things that, when I was right in the middle of them, seemed like an acceptable distraction at best, a devastatingly big mistake at worst.

I miss summer meaning something more than hotter weather, but I'm glad to be out of school. I miss paying only $80 in rent, but not having to pay it with Gold dollars and being stressed out about not working. I miss sitting on the grassy embankment beside the highway with Pat, drinking 40s and looking across the highway to the river. I miss sitting in the sun with a cigarette and a beer and feeling completely content, but I wonder if it ever really happened.

I miss my friends that I've lost track of for no good reason, but not as much as I miss the friends that one day I will loose track of, with or without reason.

This is an old picture, and these are all old sentiments. I've used it before and I'll use it again, but like Aaron Cometbus said:
"The good old days weren't really that good. In fact, the good old days sucked shit."

Monday, September 11, 2006

I helped Shoot a Movie!

With Rose, Jen and Anthony, with special help from Jen's friend Sheffy. It was part of "Attack of the 50 Ft Reels" in Richmond. The basic idea is that you get a roll of Super 8 film, shoot a movie with it that's edited totally in-camera, and Flicker, the group that organized it has the film processed. Everyone that participates sees their movie for the first time along with everyone else, so we've really got no idea how it turned out. Hopefully well. Here's some stills I shot in between shots...

I would like to give credit to Rose for the last two photos..Thanks! Lokk how pompous I look!!!