Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26th

spent my day off re-framing and hanging art...

July 25th

en route to Momofuko milk bar

July 24th

Punk Island slides

July 23rd

closet full of beer and empty bottles. one day the two will finally combine forces.

July 22nd

Kirsten's happy hour.

July 21st

July 20th

Does Everything.

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 19th

Last of the Fuji film. Thanks Diana!

July 18th

July 17th

July 16th

July 15th

July 14th

I think my cellphone takes better pictures that Rose's, even though we have the same phone...

July 13th

July 12th

Shoelace wrapped around bottom bracket spindle, luckily broken before crash.

July 11th

July 10th

Three ounces of used up hops.

July 9th

July 8th


July 7th

July 6th

July 5th

July 4th

July 3rd

July 2nd

July 1